Google Hire tries to launch quietly amid a lot of fake news about the product!


You may have seen a lot of talk about Google’s new offering to employers. Some say it is Google’s attempt at launching its own version of LinkedIn, others call it the Google ATS. Contrary to what has been said in the press, employers will not be able to spy on potential candidates browsing history as Google clarified the situation by saying “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application. Private information will not be shared.” When asked specifically if it would be possible for a potential employer to accidentally see a user’s search history, the spokesperson clarified: “Google does not share private information such as search or viewing history. Only the information that applicants input into Google Hire will be shared—for example, first name, last name, email address, resume, cover letter, etc.” The product is currently open for trial evaluation by invitation only.

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